media / DetectVideoElephants / 0.1.1


Look through a video, find any frames which contain elephant(s), and return a list of timepoints.

This is a potentially long-running algorithm (see the timeout parameter), recommended mainly for short video segments (up to 1 min) examined at low FPS (2-5).

Input (all fields are required):

file: URL or Data URI of the file

fps: number of frames to examine per second of video (recommended: 2-5)

confidence: 0.1-1.0 threshold for a positive detection (recommended: 0.3)

[optional] model: any model valid for ObjectDetectionCOCO (default: "ssd_mobilenet_v1")


A list of floats representing the timepoints, in seconds, at which elephants were detected. Empty if none. Duplicates possible if multiple elephants are found in the same frame.