marksskram / SocrataOpenDataAnalysis / 0.1.6


The goal here is to combine my first two algorithms: /marksskram/SocrataOpenDataQuery which queries data given a dataset ID, domain, and query (an empty string is equivalent to a SELECT *) and /marksskram/SomeStats which calculates mean, variance, median, and more. 

See for a pretty version of the JSON output for the sample below

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Example Inputs to Try

The top 100 White House salaries ("salary" column)

["","rcp4-3y7g","select * order by salary desc limit 100"]

City of Chicago owned property ("sq_ft" column)

["","aksk-kvfp","select * where ward = 20"]

Known Issues
- Will probably break if you do not do a "select *"
- Need to document what happens with null and non-numeric values