marcemile / license_plate_recognition_ALPR / 1.0.0

Automatic License Plate Recognition

car license plate

Accurate, fast and easy to use API for license plate recognition. Trained on data from over 100 countries and regions around the world.


  • Improve parking enforcement. Track license plates for automatic access control.
  • Secure your property. Automatically detect license plates and compare them to your list of unwanted vehicles.
  • Improve customer service. Identify customers as they arrive and alert your team with relevant information. For example, John Smith arrived for his appointment.

Go to Plate recognizer for details



algo run marcemile/license_plate_recognition_ALPR -d

You only need to provide the vehicle image. The recommended size is 1024x768 pixels.


The output include the bounding box around the license plate, the characters of the license plate and the score for detection (dscore) and plate reading (score). A score closer to 1 indicates higher confidence.

{'filename': '11_17_00007_110610.jpg',
 'results': [{'box': {'xmax': 355,
                        'xmin': 69,
                        'ymax': 209,
                        'ymin': 79},
               'dscore': 0.623,
               'plate': 'ABC123',
               'score': 0.903}],
 'version': 1}