magicanded / algovelo / 0.2.7

algovelo - Template Engine for Algorithmia

algovelo provides template engine which is based on Apache Velocity allowing algorithms building HTML text / raw text from template and variables.



algovelo receives JSON object with following attributes:

inputFileTemplate file
variablesJSON object which contains all variables used in template
uuidsList of UUID variables which will be generated, added to input variables and returned in "uuids" list
inlineIf there is this parameter, generated results will be returned in "results.inline"


algovelo returns JSON object with following attributes:

isError'true' if error occurs, 'false' if success
errorCodeCode name of error
errorMessageMessage of error
resultsResults data
results.outputFileGenerated results which are merged from template and variables
results.outputFileUrlDownload URL of output file
uuidsList of UUID variables (name & value)
uuids[].nameName of UUID variable
uuids[].valueValue of UUID variable