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Sentiment History (Company)

This FinSentS API returns News Sentiment data for 45,000+ stocks(listed or unlisted).

It covers around:

  • 15,000 North American stocks
  • 8,000 European stocks
  • 4,000 Japanese stocks
  • 14,000 Asian stocks excluding Japan
  • 3,000 Australia / New Zealand stocks

Input: Company Id (use find them) and Number of Days.
Output: Detailed sentiment history of the company including sentiment score,Sentiment high / low, News Volume, News Buzz and Date.

Indicators Description:

  • Sentiment Score: A measure of the bullishness / bearishness of the language used in media for a given stock on a given day. Ranges from -5 (extremely negative coverage) to +5 (extremely positive coverage); a score of 0 indicates an absence of articles for that day. Alternatively, scores may also be expressed on a 0 to 10 scale with 0 still indicating an absence of articles for that day, 1,2,3 a negative score, 4,5,6,7 a neutral score, and 8,9,10 a positive score. The overall sentiment score is computed as a weighted average of sentiment scores over news titles, headers and company specific phrases. A significant correlation between news sentiment and stock prices is observed across most listings.
  • Sentiment High: The intraday maximum value of the sentiment score, polled at5 minutes intervals.
  • Sentiment Low: The intraday minimum value of the sentiment score, polled at 5minutes intervals.
  • News Volume: The number of news articles about this stock, published and parsed on a given day. Volume of news provides a good indicator of a trend breakout or a trend reversal.
  • News Buzz: A measure of the rate of change in news coverage of a given stock on a given day, normalized on a scale of 1 to 10. The buzz score measures the change in the standard deviation of periodic news volume. It can be thought of as the "rate of change of news"; it thus serves as a risk alert indicator.

Please refer to our static data user guide for more information: and our APIHelp:
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      "volume": "18",
      "sentiment": "6",
      "high": "9",
      "low": "2",
      "buzz": "6",