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Articles (Company)

This API provides all articles details with mention of a company.


  • companyid (required): Will be concatenation of class type and Id. Use to find them. Format is “c_x” where x is the company Id.
  • startDate : This is the maximum value. The format is “YYYY-MM-DD”.
  • endDate : This is the minimum value.The format is “YYYY-MM-DD”.

If only start date is given, then the default end date is 24 hours past start date.


  • Domain: Main domain.
  • Sentiment Score: A measure of the bullishness / bearishness of the language used in media for a given stock on a given day. Ranges from -5 (extremely negative coverage) to +5 (extremely positive coverage); a score of 0 indicates an absence of articles for that day.
  • Alternatively, scores may also be expressed on a 0 to 10 scale with 0 still indicating an absence of articles for that day, 1,2,3 a negative score, 4,5,6,7a neutral score, and 8,9,10 a positive score.
  • URL: Is a reference (an address) to a resource on the Internet.
  • Image Name.
  • Teaser: Short extract of the article.
  • Time: Time at which the article was extracted from the web.
  • Relevance : High/Medium/Low score.Correspond to an assessment on how “relevant” the article is for the entity searched (company in this case).

Please refer to our static data user guide for more information: and our API Help:
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       "domain": "",
        "sentiment": 0,
        "title": "Two Sunnyvale firms ordered ...",
        "url": "",
        "image_name": "",
        "hms": "22:00:06",
        "teaser": "SUNNYVALE - Two Sunnyvale firms owned by the same man...",
        "time": "09:11:2015",
        "relevance": "high",
        "doc_id": 13840589