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Python 3.x
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The Algorithm Platform License is the set of terms that are stated in the Software License section of the Algorithmia Application Developer and API License Agreement. It is intended to allow users to reserve as many rights as possible without limiting Algorithmia's ability to run it as a service. Learn more
This is necessary for algorithms that rely on external services, however it also implies that this algorithm is able to send your input data outside of the Algorithmia platform.
This allows an algorithm to compose sophisticated functionality using other algorithms as building blocks , however it also carries the potential of incurring additional royalty and usage costs from any algorithm that it calls .

Run an example


Install and use


Install the Algorithmia CLI client by running:

curl -sSLf | sh

Then authenticate by running:

          $ algo auth
# When prompted for api endpoint, hit enter
# When prompted for API key, enter your key: YOUR_API_KEY
CLI install docs


    algo run gustavomgff/aibootcamp/0.1.3 -d '""\The Classic War of the Worlds\" by Timothy Hines is a very entertaining film that obviously goes to great effort and lengths to faithfully recreate H. G. Wells' classic book. Mr. Hines succeeds in doing so. I, and those who watched his film with me, appreciated the fact that it was not the standard, predictable Hollywood fare that comes out every year, e.g. the Spielberg version with Tom Cruise that had only the slightest resemblance to the book. Obviously, everyone looks for different things in a movie. Those who envision themselves as amateur \"critics\" look only to criticize everything they can. Others rate a movie on more important bases,like being entertained, which is why most people never agree with the \"critics\". We enjoyed the effort Mr. Hines put into being faithful to H.G. Wells' classic novel, and we found it to be very entertaining. This made it easy to overlook what the \"critics\" perceive to be its shortcomings.""' --timeout 300
CLI docs