Item Matching

To find similarity between items. Its independent of keys except only "id", "main" & "others" key.

Algorithmia Platform License

Run an Example

"{\"main_id\":26585, \"matches\": [{\"id\":16194, \"match_score\":51.17},{\"id\":28725, \"match_score\":20.85}]}"
Running algorithm...

Install & Use


curl -X POST -d '{
  "main": {
    "id": "26585",
    "key_1": "hard working",
    "key_2": "Machine learning",
    "key_3": "three python projects",
    "key_4": "mobile app development (Android, iOS)",
    "key_5": "I want to do the right thing",
    "key_6": "co-founder",
    "key_7": "experience - 10 years",
    "key_8": "Cricket"
  "others": [
      "id": "16194",
      "key_1": "Java, Android, iOS",
      "key_2": "Experience 5 years",
      "key_3": "OSX, Ubuntu",
      "key_4": "Video games, Badminton",
      "key_5": "I want to do the right thing",
      "key_6": "co-founder",
      "key_7": "Night",
      "key_8": "Vegeterian"
      "id": "28725",
      "key_1": "For a noble cause",
      "key_2": "Evening,Night",
      "key_3": "I have strong desire for MBA",
      "key_4": "Confidence, zeal to learn",
      "key_5": "Non-veg, eggs",
      "key_6": "experience - 10 years"
  }' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Simple YOUR_API_KEY'