difernal / DateTimeCalcutator / 0.1.1

Like a alarm Calculate the next up DateTime for an initial DateTime, you can specify the valid days and interval (for example every 3 hour or every 45 minutes or combine both).

The system return an array with the DateTimes for execution.

the imput is:
[[initHour], [interval], [lowerBound], [upperBound], [days], iterarions]

initHour: is the Start Time, for example at 8:00 [8, 0]
interval: is the repeated time for example repeat every 1:30 hours [1,0]
lowerbound: when the alarm init for example sinse 7:00AM [7,0]
upper bound: same as lower bound the valid until time like 23:59  [23, 59]
days: the week days starting by monday must be a boolean [true, true ,true , true, true, false, false]
iterations:  is the window beyond to calculate time.

other options to call are: 
    [[initHour], [interval], [lowerBound], [upperBound], iterarions]
    [[initHour], [interval], iterarions]
    [[initHour], iterarions]