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    Algorithmia Platform License
    · Internet Access

    This algorithm has Internet access.

    This is necessary for algorithms that rely on external services, however it also implies that this algorithm is able to send your input data outside of the Algorithmia platform.
    · Calls Other Algorithms

    This algorithm has permission to call other algorithms.

    This allows an algorithm to compose sophisticated functionality using other algorithms as building blocks, however it also carries the potential of incurring additional royalty and usage costs from any algorithm that it calls.

    Run an Example

    Entities [{'entity': 'PERSON', 'text': 'Sebastian Thrun'}, {'entity': 'ORG', 'text': 'Google'}, {'entity': 'DATE', 'text': '2007'}, {'entity': 'NORP', 'text': 'American'}, {'entity': 'PERSON', 'text': 'Thrun'}, {'entity': 'ORG', 'text': 'Recode'}, {'entity': 'DATE', 'text': 'earlier this week'}]
    Running algorithm...

    Install & Use

    curl -X POST -d '"When Sebastian Thrun started working on self-driving cars at Google in 2007, few people outside of the company took him seriously. I can tell you very senior CEOs of major American car companies would shake my hand and turn away because I wasn’t worth talking to, said Thrun, now the co-founder and CEO of online higher education startup Udacity, in an interview with Recode earlier this week."' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Simple YOUR_API_KEY'