datalogue / json2excel / 0.2.0


This algorithm can be used to change a file that contains json objects separated by new lines in a an excel spreadsheet. This is Beta software, if you have any feedback, use cases that we don't handle please send sample data as well as a description of your intentions to

We support .xlsx files as output.

A sneak peak on how it works

In order to determine how the schema of the Excel file will look like, we sample the data from the json input. By default we look at 10 json objects to determine the schema, however you can play with the parameter schemaInferenceCount to specify the count of elements you want to be used to infer the schema.



inputFileUriUri of the file as it is accessible on the algorithmia platform
schemaInferenceCountHow many Json element from the input file should be used to infer the schema
outputFileUriUri to be outputed on the algorithmia platform


The output is a file with json delimited by new line characters \n


A Json like this

{"id":0, "name": "Tito"}
{"id":1, "name": "Tata"}

Will be converted to an Excel file with this structure:

|id | name
| 0 | Tito
| 1 | Tata