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GPT-2 345M

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Python 3.x
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Run an example

" with a mighty roar; The dragons stood their ground; the dragons were a silent crowd.\n\nRage raged on within the hearts of men, and anger raged with them As a mountain turned to earth, And the mountain rose again; and it is like unto the fall; And the mountain became a mountain again.\n\nAs it is written, Men's anger rages; and women's anger spews.\n\nBut, when one sees in this world a great variety of beasts, even of the kindest and least of beasts, the earth, the sky, the moon, and even all the stars, it may be said, This is all by chance, this is no great miracle! and they will also marvel at the many great and powerful animals that roam the earth, which in all the world are but very few indeed, and in which no one but man has the great privilege of being born of one of these.\n\n(In the Old Testament of the Book of"

Install and use


Install the Algorithmia CLI client by running:

curl -sSLf https://algorithmia.com/install.sh | sh

Then authenticate by running:

          $ algo auth
# When prompted for api endpoint, hit enter
# When prompted for API key, enter your key: YOUR_API_KEY
CLI install docs


    algo run danielfrg/gpt2_345M/0.3.0 -d '"The dragon fell from the sky"' --timeout 300
CLI docs