cmartines / Chartie / 0.1.0

See beyond the numbers

The new free web API that finds the trend event from your numerical arrays

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You don't have to be a data scientist to catch it. Chartie thoroughly works with every kind of signal and allows you to high level programming producing clear code.

Trend detection

You can detect trend patterns such as "a slight rise" or "a strong rise preceded by a moderate fall". The program logics does not change if you change the signal.


Chartie can be queried from every programming language without loading your server and it is fast: many thousands of values processed in a few tens of milliseconds.

Thanks to our technololgy, Chartie's output identifies the relevant trend in the input data.

Chartie employs these commonly used concepts:

  • Rise and Fall: representing the intuitive idea of signal increments and decrements
  • Balanced: armonious combination of rises and falls. A constant signal is an extreme example of such a case.

Rise and fall words are enriched with these adjectives: slight, moderate, strong, very strong.