anowell / barcoders / 0.1.0

Generates SVG barcodes for the input data in one of several barcode symbologies.

For example, this the Code39 output for 1ISTHELONELIESTNUMBER.


The following fields are required:

- symbology: specify the barcode symbology to use from the following: Codabar, Code128, Code39, Code39 Checksum, EAN13, EAN8, EAN Supplemental, TF Standard, TF Interleaved`

- data: the text that you want to encode as a barcode. Note that each symbology has its own restrictions on what it can encode.

The following fields are optional:

- height: height of output SVG in pixels

- xdim: width of narrow bars in pixels 


This algorithm is a wrapper around Andrew Buntine's barcoders library in Rust.