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Given two documents/text (strings), this algorithm returns a similarity measurement value  between 0 and 1, 1 for text that are purely same and 0 for that are purely unrelated. It involves transforming each text into a vectors in a k - dimensional space model, then compute the cosine similarity ( i.e. dot product of the vectors) between them. This algorithm is very useful in content based recommendation engine for recommending products having similar attributes like title, materials, fabric, color, care tips, patterns for the ecommerce domain. Ex:- Input:- Suppose, I have two products (taken from fashion sites) like, having title /description ["olive green cotton kurta",  " green cotton kurta "] Similarity Index:- 0.8660254037844387 So, for a particular items, one can recommend similar/related items from the large datasets.

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curl -X POST -d '{{input | formatInput:"curl"}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Simple YOUR_API_KEY'
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algo auth
algo run algo://amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0 -d '{{input | formatInput:"cli"}}'
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import (
  algorithmia ""

input := {{input | formatInput:"go"}}

var client = algorithmia.NewClient("YOUR_API_KEY", "")
algo, _ := client.Algo("algo://amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0")
resp, _ := algo.Pipe(input)
response := resp.(*algorithmia.AlgoResponse)
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import com.algorithmia.*;
import com.algorithmia.algo.*;

String input = "{{input | formatInput:"java"}}";
AlgorithmiaClient client = Algorithmia.client("YOUR_API_KEY");
Algorithm algo = client.algo("algo://amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0");
AlgoResponse result = algo.pipeJson(input);
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import com.algorithmia._
import com.algorithmia.algo._

val input = {{input | formatInput:"scala"}}
val client = Algorithmia.client("YOUR_API_KEY")
val algo = client.algo("algo://amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0")
val result = algo.pipeJson(input)
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var input = {{input | formatInput:"javascript"}};
           .then(function(output) {
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using Algorithmia;

var input = "{{input | formatInput:"cs"}}";
var client = new Client("YOUR_API_KEY");
var algorithm = client.algo("algo://amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0");
var response = algorithm.pipe<object>(input);
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var input = {{input | formatInput:"javascript"}};
           .then(function(response) {
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import Algorithmia

input = {{input | formatInput:"python"}}
client = Algorithmia.client('YOUR_API_KEY')
algo = client.algo('amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0')
print algo.pipe(input)
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input <- {{input | formatInput:"r"}}
client <- getAlgorithmiaClient("YOUR_API_KEY")
algo <- client$algo("amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0")
result <- algo$pipe(input)$result
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require 'algorithmia'

input = {{input | formatInput:"ruby"}}
client = Algorithmia.client('YOUR_API_KEY')
algo = client.algo('amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0')
puts algo.pipe(input).result
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use algorithmia::Algorithmia;

let input = {{input | formatInput:"rust"}};
let client = Algorithmia::client("YOUR_API_KEY");
let algo = client.algo("amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0");
let response = algo.pipe(input);
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import Algorithmia

let input = "{{input | formatInput:"swift"}}";
let client = Algorithmia.client(simpleKey: "YOUR_API_KEY")
let algo = client.algo(algoUri: "amitkumargaur/TextSimilarityMeasurement/0.15.0") { resp, error in
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