StanfordNLP / Java2NER / 0.1.1
Identifies named (PERSON,LOCATION,ORGANIZATION,MISC) and numerical (MONEY,NUMBER,DATA,TIME,DURATION,SET) in text, outputs the text of each entity along with its identifier. Specifically, this algorithm takes a string as input, splits it into sentences, finds the named entities in each sentence, and for each sentence, outputs a list of the named entities along with their type as a two-element string array.

For more information, please refer to or Manning, Christopher D., Surdeanu, Mihai, Bauer, John, Finkel, Jenny, Bethard, Steven J., and McClosky, David. 2014. The Stanford CoreNLP Natural Language Processing Toolkit. In Proceedings of 52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations, pp. 55-60.