SpaceCat / OneDimensionalMidpointDisplacementTerrain / 0.1.1
This algorithm creates an array of unnormalized 32 bit float values that when rendered will resemble terrain. The inputs in the order they are to be sent:

octaves : int -- the size of the array is 2^octaves + 1, so this value determines what power of two the array size will be. higher octaves interpolate more terrain, adding more detail.

startPointVal : float -- the leftmost point in the array, along with endPointVal is used to determine other points values.

endPointVal : float -- the rightmost point in the array. start and end points may be used to connect terrain pieces by matching end to start on subsequent terrains.

smoothingFactor : float -- this determines the smoothness of the terrain. smoothingFactor < 0.5 -> rough, jagged, mountainous terrain. 0.5 < smoothingFactor < 0.9 -> mixed, mountainous terrain. smoothingFactor > 0.9 -> smooth, rolling hills

seed : long -- seed for the Java Random number generator. using the same seed will return the same terrain so this,  along with the same start and end points, can be used to 'save' a favorite terrain