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A Bus - Customer matching algorithm

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curl -X POST -d '"\"Bus\": [\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"UMY341\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Jared Brown\",\n            \"busModel\": \"Vantare Platinum S\",\n            \"rating\": 4.95,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"ABC762\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Josh McKarthy\",\n            \"busModel\": \"County Coach Magna 360\",\n            \"rating\": 4.88,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"HJK827\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Tom Haverford\",\n            \"busModel\": \"Unicat Amerigo International\",\n            \"rating\": 4.99,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"HSB172\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Mia Lua\",\n            \"busModel\": \"The Newmar King Aire\",\n            \"rating\": 4.65,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"BSH321\",\n            \"driverName\": \"John Black\",\n            \"busModel\": \"2014 Country coach Provost\",\n            \"rating\": 4.76,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"BAI918\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Bob Swartz\",\n            \"busModel\": \"The Prevost H3-45 VIP\",\n            \"rating\": 4.89,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"JHG909\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Marshall Smith\",\n            \"busModel\": \"2015 Monaco dynasty 45p\",\n            \"rating\": 4.77,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"GAY871\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Julia James\",\n            \"busModel\": \"Volkner Mobil Performance Bus\",\n            \"rating\": 4.97,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"NBA212\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Michael Matters\",\n            \"busModel\": \"Mahindra 2012\",\n            \"rating\": 4.98,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"plateNumber\": \"KLA271\",\n            \"driverName\": \"Chung Ching\",\n            \"busModel\": \"Tata 3210\",\n            \"rating\": 4.87,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.62446091996251,\n                \"long\": -122.32016064226627\n            }\n        }\n    ],\n    \"customers\": [\n        {\n            \"name\": \"Arnold Connor\",\n            \"rating\": 4.88,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.599088077746394,\n                \"long\": -122.3339125374332\n            }\n        }\n                \"name\": \"Customer 2\",\n            \"rating\": 4.88,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.608575,\n                \"long\": -122.324481\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"name\": \"Customer 3\",\n            \"rating\": 4.55,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.616474,\n                \"long\": -122.347827\n            }\n        },\n        {\n            \"name\": \"Customer 4\",\n            \"rating\": 4.55,\n            \"coordinates\": {\n                \"lat\": 47.663577,\n                \"long\": -122.379627\n        }\n        }\n        ]\n        }\n"' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Simple YOUR_API_KEY' https://api.algorithmia.com/v1/algo/JamesBond007/BusMatchingAlgorithm/0.1.1