CS / SubsetSequenceFrequency / 0.1.0

Subset Sequence Frequency in Set

3 Credit Royalty
Python 2.x
API Calls - 13 Avg call duration - N/A
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Run an example

  "social": 5,
  "socia": 5,
  "soci": 5,
  "social ": 4,
  "make": 3,
  "cross": 3,
  "cros": 3

Install and use


Install the Algorithmia CLI client by running:

curl -sSLf https://algorithmia.com/install.sh | sh

Then authenticate by running:

          $ algo auth
# When prompted for api endpoint, hit enter
# When prompted for API key, enter your key: YOUR_API_KEY
CLI install docs


    algo run CS/SubsetSequenceFrequency/0.1.0 -d '{
  "minLength": 4,
  "minScore": 3,
  "dataset": ["accelerate", "accountability", "action items", "actionable", "aggregator", "agile", "algorithm", "alignment", "analytics", "at the end of the day", "B2B/B2C", "bandwidth", "below the fold", "best of breed", "best practices", "beta", "big data", "bleeding edge", "blueprint", "boil the ocean", "bottom line", "bounce rate", "brand evangelist", "bricks and clicks", "bring to the party", "bring to the table", "brogrammer", "BYOD (device)", "change agent", "clickthrough", "close the loop", "codify", "collaboration", "collateral", "come to Jesus", "content strategy", "convergence", "coopetition", "create value", "credibility", "cross the chasm", "cross-platform", "cross-pollinate", "crowdfund", "crowdsource", "curate", "cutting-edge", "data mining", "deep dive", "design pattern", "digital divide", "digital natives", "discovery", "disruptive", "diversity", "DNA", "do more with less", "dot-bomb", "downsizing", "drink the Kool Aid", "DRM", "e-commerce hairball", "eat your own dog food", "emerging", "empathy", "enable", "end-to-end", "engagement", "engaging", "enterprise", "entitled", "epic", "evangelist", "exit strategy", "eyeballs", "face time", "fail fast", "fail forward", "fanboy", "finalize", "first or best", "flat", "flow", "freemium", "funded", "funnel", "fusion", "game changer", "gameify", "gamification", "glamour metrics", "globalization", "green", "groupthink", "growth hack", "guru", "headlights", "heads down", "herding cats", "high level", "holistic", "homerun", "html5", "hyperlocal", "iconic", "ideation", "ignite", "immersive", "impact", "impressions", "in the weeds", "infographic", "innovate", "integrated", "jellyfish", "knee deep", "lean", "lean in", "shake it and see what falls off", "socialize this", "table that", "level up", "leverage", "lizard brain", "long tail", "low hanging fruit", "make it pop", "make the logo bigger", "maker", "marketing funnel", "mashup", "milestone", "mindshare", "mobile-first", "modernity", "monetize", "moving forward", "multi-channel", "multi-level", "MVP", "netiquette", "next gen", "next level", "ninja", "no but, yes if", "offshoring", "on the runway", "open the kimono", "operationalize", "opportunity", "optimize", "organic", "out of pocket", "outside the box", "outsourcing", "over the top", "paradigm shift", "patent pending design", "peeling the onion", "ping", "pipeline", "pivot", "pop", "portal", "proactive", "productize", "proof of concept", "public facing", "pull the trigger", "push the envelope", "put it in the parking lot", "qualified leads", "quick-win", "reach out", "Ready. Fire. Aim.", "real time", "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic", "reimagining", "reinvent the wheel", "responsive", "revolutionize", "rich", "rightshoring", "rightsizing", "rockstar", "ROI", "run it up the flagpole", "scalability", "scratch your own itch", "scrum", "sea change", "seamless", "SEM", "SEO", "sexy", "shift", "sizzle", "slam dunk", "social currency", "social media", "social media expert", "social proof", "soft launch", "solution", "stakeholder", "standup", "startup", "stealth mode", "stealth startup", "sticky", "storytelling", "strategery", "strategy", "sustainability", "sweat your assets", "synergy", "take it offline", "team building", "tee off", "the cloud", "the mayor", "thought leader", "tiger team", "tollgate", "top of mind", "touch base", "touchpoints", "transgenerate", "transparent", "trickthrough", "uber", "unicorn", "uniques", "unpack", "user", "usercentric", "value proposition", "value-add", "vertical cross-pollination", "viral", "visibility", "vision", "Web 2.0", "webinar", "what is our solve", "what’s the ask?", "win-win", "wizard"]
}' --timeout 300
CLI docs