Algorithm Developer Program

1. Develop

Develop and test your algorithm leveraging the resources and tools available in the Algorithmia Platform.

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2. Market

Showcase and manage your algorithm on the Algorithmia Marketplace for others to discover and consume.

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3. Live

Manage, gather insights, and iterate on your algorithm after it is live on the Algorithmia Marketplace

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Consumers of your algorithm will be charged in accordance with the Algorithmia Marketplace pricing options. For more details on how pricing, usage, and earnings are calculated, the Algorithmia docs provide additional detail about the economics of your algorithm.


  • Getting Started

    Create your first algorithm on Algorithmia.

  • Algorithmia Platform

    Build your algorithms in Java, Scala, or Python with Algorithmia libraries that empowers you to call other algorithms or leverage our Data API.

  • Data Collections

    Store and consume data for your algorithm.

  • Web IDE

    A complete code editor and console for testing your algorithms.

  • Samples

    Explore our samples collection to get an idea of how developers will interact with your algorithm.



  • Microservice API

    Consume your algorithm as a service via the Algorithmia API.

  • Usage and Earnings

    Get insights into your algorithm's usage and earnings.

  • Getting Paid

    Get paid for your earnings on Algorithmia.

  • Versioning

    Create new versions to fix bugs, release new features, and even change the price of your algorithm.