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Face Detection

Social Sentiment Analysis

Nudity Detection i2v

Word 2 Vec


and thousands more

cURL Python Java R JavaScript
curl -X POST -d '{{input | formatInput:"curl"}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Simple API_KEY'{{algo}}
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import Algorithmia

input = {{input | formatInput:"python"}}
client = Algorithmia.client('API_KEY')
algo = client.algo('{{algo}}')
print algo.pipe(input)
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import com.algorithmia.*;
import com.algorithmia.algo.*;

String input = "{{input | formatInput:"java"}}";
AlgorithmiaClient client = Algorithmia.client("API_KEY");
Algorithm algo = client.algo("{{algo}}");
AlgoResponse result = algo.pipeJson(input);
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input <- {{input | formatInput:"r"}}
client <- getAlgorithmiaClient("API_KEY")
algo <- client$algo("{{algo}}")
result <- algo$pipe(input)$result
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var input = {{input | formatInput:"javascript"}};
         .then(function(output) {
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plus many more



Developer Superpowers On Demand

Expand your toolbelt with access to a growing library of more than 3,500+ algorithms, functions, and models that enable you to create, share, and remix algorithmic intelligence at scale – All powered by a community of world class developers, researchers, and organizations. Optionally choose to monetize your contributions through an open marketplace where royalties earned reflect the the value of your algorithm, function, or model.

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Compatible API

Language-agnostic to fit your workflow. Call a Java algorithm in Python. Use a TensorFlow model in JavaScript. Pipe the result of an R model into a Scala function. Create unique microservices that are natively composable and interoperable by stacking algorithms, functions, and models together.


Make Every App an Intelligent App

Scalable Infrastructure

Friction-free, secure, auto-scaling cloud infrastructure is there when you need it.

Serverless Microservices

Algorithms, functions, and models as a service with simple, pay-per-execution pricing.

Machine Learning Ready

Deploy and scale your machine learning, deep learning, and data science models using CPUs or GPUs in the cloud with support for the top frameworks, including TensorFlow and R.

Programming Language Agnostic

Built-in support for 14 languages and clients makes integration quick and simple. Stick to the programming language you use, whether it’s Java, Python, Node, Ruby, Rust, or Scala.

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Work Local Deploy Global with

Whether you’re open sourcing your code or deploying it for private use, Algorithmia is the fastest way to create a secure, versioned API endpoint. Simply git clone and work in the code editor you prefer. Then instantly deploy your algorithm, function, or model as a production-ready microservice.

Commit your changes

git commit -m '<message>'

Push to production

git push origin master

Run from anywhere

algo run username/algoname -d '<input>'