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We're building a community around state-of-the-art algorithm development. Users can create, share, and build on other algorithms and then instantly make them available as a web service.

Code in the cloud.

Upload your code or develop online, in-browser.
Instantly deploy as a service on the Algorithmia cluster.
Monetize your algorithms.

Build smarter applications.

Find the building blocks you need to build the best apps you can.
Algorithmia hosts the world's most complete library of algorithms for integration into your products.

Algorithm Developers

Join a community built around state-of-the-art algorithm development.

Cloud Service

Create, share, and build on other algorithms that live in the cloud.

App Developers

Build awesome apps by integrating algorithms via REST.


"... people had been working on these algorithms for years, but we'd never heard of them."

Wanna Build Your Own Google? Visit the App Store for Algorithms

"A platform and marketplace that will give algorithm developers in academia and elsewhere a way to share their work with anyone."

Algorithmia Raises $2.4M To Connect Academia And App Developers

"There’s no need to spend hours reading a paper and then tinkering with an algorithm to get it ready to handle data."

Algorithmia’s vision of a marketplace for algorithms gets $2.4M

"a place for businesses with piles of data to find researchers with a dreamboat algorithm."

A Dating Site for Algorithms

"In fact what I would like to see is thousands of computer scientists let loose to do whatever they want. That's what really advances the field."

Donald Knuth